What is the best ‘Acoustic’ guitar for beginners?

Best acoustic guitar for beginersIn a previous post, we detailed things to consider when selecting a guitar. Now that you have decided what kind of guitar you want, we are providing you with some of our recommendations for some of the Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners.

I spent an afternoon at a local music shop on a slow day so I was able to look over, inspect, and play each of the guitars reviewed below.

Although the pricing ranges from $169.99 to $499.00 on the guitars in this review, you can easily find guitars in the $75 – $120 range, but after playing them I just can’t recommend them. You can also find guitars well over $500, and if you have that kind of money as a beginner drop us a comment and we will provide you with some recommendations in that range.

Washburn WA90CE/$169.99

Although this is the least expensive of this list, you wouldn’t know it by the look, feel, or sound.

Type: Acoustic/Electric

Wood: Linden (basswood) top, back, sides

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Notable: Built-in tuner and preamp for amplification. I cannot find this model on the Washburn site so it may be for select retailers.

Origin: China

This guitar has a nice deep and warm tone. And although I cannot say for sure that the fretboard is bonded (in fact I would be surprised if it was at this price) I can tell you my hands were able to move up and down the fretboard easily without feeling the jabs of the rigid fret ends on my fingers. For the price point, the construction feels surprisingly solid and strong. This is a nice guitar for a beginner.


Yamaha FG800/$199.99

Type: Acoustic

Wood: Solid Spruce top; Nato/Okume back and sides.

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Notable: I know … most people have never heard of Nato/Okume wood but don’t overthink it. Many guitar manufacturers use it for backs and sides. Think of it as Mahogany’s weird second cousin – it’s fine.

Origin: China

This baby has a really nice warm tone and it feels solid. No complaints about playability either. You may think of Yamaha for their motorcycles but this company has been producing quality musical instruments for decades.  I’d be happy to have this as a first guitar.

Yamaha FG830/$299.99

Type: Acoustic

Wood: Solid Spruce top; Rosewood back and sides.

Fingerboard: Rosewood


Origin: China

For about $100.00 more than the FG800 you get a noticeably warmer sounding guitar. But that’s not all, the construction has the detail that will be of benefit to newbies.  Some have commented on the tapered neck and rounded edges on the fingerboard – this adds up to a better feel as you slide up and down the neck. I think a beginner would love this guitar and keep it for in their collection. (Yes I said collection … you’ll understand at some point.)

Seagull S6 Original/$419.00

Type: Acoustic

Wood: Solid Cedar top; Wild cherry back; Silver Leaf Maple neck.

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Notable: This guitar really rings out when strummed or picked. The build quality is excellent. Seagull is made by the famed Godin guitar company – and while maybe not as well known as others they have a solid reputation for quality. Read more about Seagull and Godin here.

Origin: Canada


Taylor Big Baby BBTe/$499.00

Type: Acoustic-electric

Wood: Sitka Spruce top; Layered Walnut back and sides.

Fingerboard: West African Ebony

Notable: Taylor is one of the best known and widely respected guitar companies on the planet, but that alone should not necessarily influence your purchase. However, the warm tone and playability should be factored in. It’s the most expensive but this is a fine guitar for just about anyone – even beginners.

Origin: Mexico



When I went down to my local guitar shop to explore the best acoustic guitars for beginners I had no idea what I would find. Well, that’s not technically true, I had several guitars in mind. However, many of the guitars I planned to review did not make the list because I played these and was favorably impressed with them – especially for beginners.

As you noticed there are several price points, so if the price is your main factor (and let’s be realistic, price is a huge factor especially if you are just starting) then I think these are guitars to consider.

If electric is more your style then take a look at my recommendations for electric guitars and combo packs.

And once you have invested in the guitar of your dreams then you will definitely want to invest in lessons – but where? Be sure to read my review of online guitar training sites. 


4 thoughts on “What is the best ‘Acoustic’ guitar for beginners?”

  1. Great stuff on this website. When I started to learn Guitar playing I found it hard to get a honest review on the different types. Although my Favorite is the Yamaha I like the fact that you have objective reviews of the different models! maybe you could include your favorite 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Good idea on including my favorite. At the moment my favorite the Takamine EG363SC which has been discontinued, however, they are available used. I’ve owned mine for about 8 years now and it still sounds and plays like new.



  2. Thank you so much for this post. I have thought about buying a guitar and have no idea where to start. I also wanted to make sure that I can find something affordable and this site didn’t disappoint. I don’t have the over $500 range like you mentioned in the top of this post, so this was an encouraging post that I can pay a smaller amount of money and still get a quality guitar.

    1. Jodi I am glad you enjoyed the post. I think secretly just about everyone wants to be a guitarist 🙂

      If and when you decide to pick up a guitar feel free to reach out for more Jodi centered recommendations!



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